Bootstrap 5 - Jquery Multi step form by Crezzur -
Available features
  • Multi step form using Bootstrap 5, Jquery and CSS
  • Automatically percentage calculation of the progress bar
  • Step 1: Add new user / Search existing user
    • Option "Add new user"
      • Abilty to click on Next button
    • Option Search existing user
      • Display input field, which is searchable
      • Next button is disabled until a available option is selected from the searchlist.
      • Next button will be deactivated when the selected value is being altered.
      • When a user is selected the step 2 form will be filled with all available data.
  • Step 2: User information
    • Input field "first name" and "last name" are required to advance to step 3.
    • When first and/or last name is empty an invalid warning will be displayed.
My Bootstrap 5 multi-step-form

Add new user

Search existing user

Search for example Gary Hendren


Bootstrap Alerts


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With Icons

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With Titles

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